Jimmy Lewis Boards

Jimmy is one of the world’s finest shapers and no other person has revolutionized every sport he has been involved in as he has! Jimmy started building boards in 1968 and has been on the leading edge of board design ever since.

Making the switch to a Jimmy Lewis board is a time in your kiteboarding when everything changes. You are not even in the same universe anymore.  Jimmy's production boards are built to the highest standards in the industry, featuring Jimmy’s best shapes, seamless edges, mirror finish and the attention to detail that makes them virtually indistinguishable from Jimmy’s custom boards.

Please note: Jimmy Lewis boards are built in the famous Kinetic factory, not in the other factory where most other brands are made. Jimmy’s quality and finishing is the standard to which all other boards are compared. Finishing and quality control sets the world standards due to highly trained workers with a dedication to quality. Every board is carefully inspected and weighed before packaging and every board is guaranteed to be 100% flawless!