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Firewire ADDvance Surfboard - Linear Flex Technology (LFT) - 6'8"


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Firewire ADDvance Surfboard - Linear Flex Technology (LFT) - 6'8"

Developed in collaboration between Taj's father Vance Burrow and Nev, the ADDvance offers extreme flotation in RapidFire technology. Combining the buoyancy of a longboard with a contemporary outline, the ADDvance Series opens up new possibilities for fun and performance. ADDvance your surfing!

The Firewire ADDvance features a fuller nose template and a narrower swallow tail, giving you a board that has supreme paddle, instant up and glide, totally forgiving rails, and surprisingly positive in the pocket drive from the narrower tail.

There is a sweet concave under front foot for lift and speed, running into a double concave tail vee, for rail to rail manoeuvrability and squirt. The entry nose curve is contemporary with nice Rail Chines forward to keep the front rail free and fast. Tail curve has a bit of kick, which helps it to turn on a dime.

This is the board you've been waiting for! A high performance surfboard which incorporates the very latest cutting edge technology with the same volume and float of a longboard in a much more sporty template. If you're a big guy loooking to 'cut-loose' or a longboarder who's looking to get a little more vertical, the Rapidfire Addvance ticks all the boxes. ADDvance your surfing!

Length: 6'8"

Width: 22"

Thickness: 3 1/16"

Volume: 53.6 lts

Rider weight: up to 110kgs

Ability: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Conditions - Anything from knee to overhead waves

Construction - Epoxy resins and EPS foam core- LFT

Fin set up: Option of FCS Fusion, Futures, or FCS II - 5/4/3 Configuration (FINS NOT INCLUDED) - email: for details/options.

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